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Olesja Reiser Grafikdesign deutsche Inhalte
Karl und Olesja Reiser, work, Überschrift, Typografie, Gestaltung, Grafikdesign, girl, guy, Lettering

I’m Olesja, a designer, an illustrator and a free spirit. I’m always up to interesting projects, campaigns and illustrations.

whos that girl
My name is olesja. Shortly after I’ve graduated and became an attorney I’ve decided that it was nothing for me. Around this time, Karl stepped into my life, a very thoughtful French bulldog. So we didn’t have anything better to do but to start studying Grafikdesign and meanwhile to win lots and lots of art competitions. Since then I’m very nosy and try to be a good problem solver. So if you like aesthetic as well as intense artworks, let my problem solving magic get to work.